If you take off your shirt and look in the mirror, how do you really feel about your breasts? Do you feel confident with their appearance, or are you relying on a push-up bra to feel your best? Whether due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or the typical effects of aging, many women don’t feel entirely confident with their breasts. Fortunately, breast lift and breast implant procedures make it possible for women to enhance their breasts in the way they’ve always wanted. It’s important to understand that a breast lift is very different from a breast implant, and you should talk at length with your plastic surgeon to ensure you select the procedure that will meet your needs.

The Goals and Benefits of a Breast Lift

A breast lift is the best choice for your breast surgery if you want to resolve the issue of sagging and drooping. The breast lift procedure will lift the breasts up and make them firmer in order to provide your chest with a youthful, sexy contour. You might enjoy more cleavage since your breasts will be positioned higher on your chest, but a breast lift will not actually increase the size of your breasts. In fact, some women notice that their breasts become slightly smaller since the skin and breast tissue become more compact.

Understanding a Breast Augmentation

A Tampa breast augmentation, on the other hand, increases your cup size by placing implants into your breasts. You can select the size, type, and style of your implants to make your breasts look the way you envision. A wide selection of silicone breast implants have recently been FDA-approved to help the breasts look and feel completely natural after surgery. However, since breast augmentation strictly adds size to your chest, you will not experience any significant lift. If your breasts were beginning to droop or sag before surgery, they will retain that same sag, simply with a larger size.

Can You Choose Both?

Yes! Many women do. A combined breast lift and breast augmentation tampa achieves the perfect results of perkier, more contoured breasts that are also a bit larger. Since breast surgery is complex and very dependant upon the exact nature of your breasts, it’s important to seek professional advice from your plastic surgeon before making your final determination.