Laser hair removal has become America’s favorite hair removal method, and it’s no wonder! Tampa laser hair removal offers so many benefits compared to the traditional hair removal options of waxing and shaving. These five reasons are just a few examples that will encourage you to throw that old razor out once and for all.

It’s a Long-Term Solution

Unlike waxing and shaving, which remove hair from the skin just for a few days or weeks, laser hair removal is a lasting solution for unwanted hair growth. It works so successfully because the pigment in each individual hair absorbs the concentrated laser light, and this destroys the hair follicle completely. Without a functioning hair follicle, hair simply cannot grow in the future. Since not all hairs grow in sync, it takes about four to six treatments, each six weeks apart, to target all hairs at the right point in the growing cycle. By the end of six treatments, the majority of your unwanted hair will disappear for good.

Very Low Maintenance

Think about how much work is required to shave each day. If you’re a woman, you’re probably shaving your arms, underarms, and bikini area on a regular basis. If you’re a man, you’re shaving your face and perhaps your chest or arms. Waxing isn’t any easier, since the results only last a few weeks at best. Laser hair removal is so low maintenance because, other than your short series of appointments, there’s nothing you need to do! Your only job is to enjoy your new, silky smooth skin.

Smooth Skin All Day, Every Day

Once you commit to tampa laser hair removal, you can wake up every day with baby smooth, hairless skin. You can literally roll out of bed, cut your shower time in half, and flaunt your skin without any effort. No stress to shave before you hit the beach, no worries about how you look. It’s just simple!

No More Irritated Skin Conditions

Shaving infamously causes razor burn, ingrown hairs, and stubble, none of which are pleasant or desirable. Since laser hair removal destroys your hair follicles, you will never again need to worry about any of those irritating skin conditions!

Save Time and Money

Other than your investment into your few laser hair removal treatments, you won’t be spending any more time or money paying for and enduring sessions of waxing and shaving. That’s reason to celebrate.