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Airwaves Health Care Clinic

Airwaves Health Care Clinic is a medical facility priding itself of 6 years wealth of experience and an unrivaled reputation in the medical fraternity. At Airwaves Health Care Clinic, we provide quality healthcare services with the assistance of professional medical practitioners and state-of-the art medical equipment. Our physicians are certified and have proven track record as well as long standing experience in the medical field. We use latest cutting edge technology and equipment in conducting diagnostic screening and testing. In effect we are able provide accurate results and analysis of our patients' medical condition; making it possible for us to prescribe appropriate treatment and medication.

We cater to a wide range of clients through prevention, treatment, monitoring and management of disease. Airwaves Health Care Clinic has the capacity to handle minor injuries and surgeries, preexisting medical conditions, administration of vaccinations and other common illnesses. Patients enjoy the convenience of walking in and asking for services or booking an appointment with our full time doctors. We work for extended hours and have diagnostic facilities and a pharmacy all under one roof. We accept a number of insurance plans, kindly check with our Customer Care team to see the accepted insurance plans before you pay us a visit. Alternatively you can pay for services by use of a credit card of your choice.

Airwaves Health Care Clinic is keen to continue with the tradition of providing accessible, affordable, convenient and quality health care services to all our patients. We understand the fact that every second that passes makes the difference between life and death. Airwaves Health Care Clinic is your trusted health care provider. In deprived health, we are glad to put a smile on you and your loved ones through exceptional patient experience; restore your well-being and enable you carry on with the day to day activities.

We also assist those looking for dental care in the greater Tampa Bay area. Please visit our partner site Advanced Dental Arts to learn more and schedule your appointment today.